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A Complete Guide to Lifeline Free Cell Phone Service

26 August, 2021 Technology

A Complete Guide to Lifeline Free Cell Phone Service


Cell phones have become a necessity to every individual in America, and 9 out of 10 people have a phone on them for up to 16 hours. If you are one of them, you need an ideal plan to stay connected with your family and friends.


But, cell phone plans can rack up quite a bill over time, especially if you're getting billed monthly with no special discounts or offers. Some providers offer free cell phone service to eligible individuals to help you pay your cell phone bills and talk without any worries.


What are Lifeline Free Cell Phone Services?

Lifeline is a government benefit program that was introduced to make communication services affordable for eligible consumers.


You can avail of a discount on specific telephone services, internet services, or voice-internet bundles. These discounts are only available with select wireline and wireless providers.


It lets people have 24/7 access to essential services like healthcare and law enforcement through cell phones. It also gives you the liberty of accessing your educational and job resources, making more opportunities accessible for you.


Depending on what area you are currently residing in, you will find different providers to ensure you get Lifeline benefits.


There is also a temporary program known as Emergency Broadband Benefit Program (EBBP) being run by the FCC that lets you avail discounts on broadband Internet services every month.


Required Qualifications

Universal Service Administrative Company administers lifeline, and they also process the application process for your Lifeline benefits. To be eligible for Lifeline benefits, individuals must be:

  • Have an income at or below 135% of Federal Poverty Guidelines
  • Be a participant in a Federal Assistance Program: Medicaid, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Federal Public Housing Assistance, specific tribal programs, and other assistance programs.
  • Nobody else in your household is on a Lifeline plan

How to Start the Process for Your Free Cell Phone Services

You must be using the National Verifier Application System when applying for the Lifetime program. The system verifies your eligibility and renewal benefits.


Not all states are currently on the National Verifier system, so you may have to apply through federal application portals in specific states. From there, you have to fill out the application form and wait for confirmation.


You need to renew your enrollment after one year, at which point USAC will be in touch with you. Once you are approved by Lifetime, you can choose a provider that offers services for the Lifeline program and avail of your benefits there.


Cell Phone Features and Services

If you require a new phone along with your Lifeline benefits, some providers can provide you with a new GSM or smartphone too. You can use your existing number when you switch over to a Lifeline provider.


All plans usually include Caller ID, Voicemail, Call Waiting, and 3-way calling. It lets you take full advantage of your Lifeline plan. Many providers don't require you to form a contract to get your benefits.


Different areas have different rates, and providers may also offer your free minutes, data, and airtime. Not all providers offer international calling, so check beforehand if you need it for making calls out of the country.


Customer Help

Most providers offering Lifeline plans require that the customer uses the service at least once a month (through making a call, sending a text message, etc.); otherwise, your service will be deactivated.


If you are having problems after receiving your Lifetime cell phone plan, many providers have specialized customer service numbers to reach them.


If you are facing a problem with your phone provided by the cell phone service, you can look up common troubleshooting problems on their website or get in touch with them through the phone.


Get Your Lifeline Free Cell Phone Services Today

When you become approved for your Lifeline benefit program, you might be confused about choosing the ideal provider for your communication needs. Find a provider having good coverage in your area to give you a catered plan.


Many providers will also provide you with video tutorials and other interactive resources to inform you more about your Lifeline benefits and the phone options they can offer you.


You can add additional minutes or data to your existing plan anytime at affordable rates when you are receiving Lifeline benefits from your provider.


If your Lifeline benefits are past their expiration, it may be possible that your provider still gives you affordable free cell phone services plans to choose from so that you are not financially stressed at once.


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