A New Galaxy S 4 Competitor Emerges

15 April, 2013 Samsung

Pantech, another Korean-based tech giant has recently revealed more details about their flagship smartphone, the Vega Iron, which is set to directly compete with the Samsung Galaxy S 4. It is said to be a bezel-less device, something that not one (or possibly only a handful) have perfected.

There are plenty of news about bezel-less devices coming out from LG, Motorola, and even Samsung but so far, only Pantech Vega Iron has made a lot of noise as a possible competitor to the S 4. It will purportedly feature a quad-core Snapdragon processor, 2GB RAM and a 13-MP rear camera.

According to My Drivers, the Pantech Vega Iron will be a little narrower than the S 4 but the bezel-less display will more than make up for the deficit in width (as compared to the S 4). Furthermore, a launch date is indicated on the invitation shown by My Drivers, which will be held on April 18th. If we are lucky enough, the Vega Iron will be distributed outside Korea.

Let's hope we'll get our share of Vega Iron units, especially if it really is as spectacular as they claim it to be.

Source: mydriver.com


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