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AI Powered Ultimate Pivo Pod Active With Auto-Tracking Camera

4 June, 2022 Technology


Are you looking for an auto-tracking camera mount device for recording your video effectively? Pivo Pod Active is the ultimate auto-tracking camera mount enabled with powerful tracking software. It is a perfect option for sports enthusiasts, action seekers and horse riders. These are helpful for you to put your ideas to the test. The AI-powered camera mount fits in your backpack. Pivo Pod Active is equipped with autofocus and tracking features. These are helpful for creating more content with your Smartphone on the move. The device has the motion tracking function which automatically keeps you in the centre of the frame.

Amazing Pivo Pod Active Features:

The Pivo Pod Active gives you the ability to take pictures or film videos. It is quite a convenient option for recording stunning slow-mo videos, playing with your friends or even action videos. These are automated and 360-degree rotating motorized Smartphone mounts with the personal film crew. These would especially fit the pocket. It is a convenient option for adding the Pivo Pod Active with Smartphone, showtime and Bluetooth connectivity. The device is quite small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, so they would securely hold smartphones in the landscape or portrait mode.


  •  AI is on point
  •  Auto Focus is fantastic
  •  Smooth motor
  •  The app is user friendly
  •  Amazing battery life
  •  Auto Zoom
  •  Smart Capture
  •  Target Exposure
  •  Makes your creation process easier
  •  Enjoy the freedom to move without restrictions
  •  Compatible with Instagram, Zoom, Teams, YouTube and more
  •  Record anytime and anywhere


Pivo Pod Active Compatibility:

Pivo Pod Active is enabled with the 4-second full rotation speed enabling the quick rotation speed. These are compatible with both the Android and iOS OS. Pivo Pod Active works with every video meeting platform, such as the Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom and many others.

Pivo Pod Active Design:

Pivo Pod Active is enabled with the lovely matte-black finish along the beautiful Active ring. It is placed in the upper center of the unit under a motorized mount. The complete unit is covered gently to provide a soft-to-the-touch silicone feel. This would give you a completely nice and secure feel in your hands. The Pivo Pod device also comes with the matching remote control, and they are also covered with silicone. The remote device is helpful for controlling the complete unit. An adjustable mount on top of the unit works is a suitable option for perfection. This allows you to place your phone firmly in the unit as well as tighten it into place using a twist of a knob. The build quality of Pivo Pod Active is amazing.

Pivo Pod Active Remote Control:

The Pivo Pod Active also comes with remote control, which is helpful for adjusting the motor. These have several buttons for changing the motor in your preferred direction. You can change the speed of rotation, zoom, image capture and pause the motor using the remote unit. Pivo Pod makes a smooth 360-degree rotation while taking the videos.


Pivo Pod Active Software:

Pivo Pod Active's software supports the updated AI technology for providing a complete experience. Autofocus and AI Tracking features provide excellent attributes with DSLR cameras. You can easily download the Pivo app from App Store. The app brings you the many features of changing the mode anytime. Auto-zoom feature is also available, allowing to keep the tighter frame.

Battery Life:

Pivo Pod Active battery life is amazing and lasts for a day. It is also easier to check battery status using the Smartphone app. The software helps to set the device's use during video calls as well as live streaming. A long-lasting battery allows you to enjoy the video shoot for hours.

We really like Pivo Pod Active and we highly recommend it, click on the following link to buy one.


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