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AT&T's Samsung Galaxy S 2 ICS Update delayed due to Technical issue

22 June, 2012 Samsung Updates

AT&T Galaxy S 2


It seems that word had slipped out that the Android 4.0 update was available for the AT&T version of the Samsung Galaxy S II via Kies. Unfortunately, it turned out that the update was available only for a limited time. For those unfamiliar with the process, Kies allows users to connect their Samsung-made device with a PC or Mac using a USB cable. One use of Kies is to install software updates such as Android 4.0 as an alternative to an OTA update.


Samsung Support

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So why was the Android 4.0 first made available and then apparently pulled? One AT&T customer decided to discuss the matter with an AT&T rep via a Live Chat. And during this chat (Photo Above), the rep said that the update has been delayed due to "Technical Reasons". There is some speculation from Samsung and AT&T reps that the update will be attempted again this coming Saturday, but during the Live Chat, the rep said that he/she had no new details because the update was still in the process of being tested.




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