Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Courses

31 October, 2022 Education

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Courses


Online courses become rampant nowadays when the pandemic started as there are implemented health restrictions to stop spreading the virus. This mode of learning helps also different learners especially those who are having part-time jobs as they can continue their studies during their free time at work or anywhere they are and at any time of the day. These are some of the advantages and disadvantages of online courses.


Advantages of Online Courses

1. Faster Way of Acquiring Knowledge

With the fast changes in technology right now, if you have access online using the internet, anyone can have any information he wants to search for. Because of these online courses, people become knowledgeable and acquire more knowledge in a faster way compared to the traditional approach of teaching. Learners can also easily search the internet if there are complex lessons and if they want to clarify something.


2. Convenience and Accessible to Learners

Online courses can be studied by students anytime they want and even in any place, they are located. If live video calls are not required, they can choose the time they want in comprehending the lessons and in answering different activities. These uploaded modules or PowerPoint lessons can become accessible online as long as they can access the files with the use of their mobile phones and internet connection.


Disadvantages of Online Courses

1. More Disruptions

You will encounter disruptions learning online especially if you have weak and unreliable wifi or internet connection. This can be difficult as well for teachers, especially in knowing and assessing their students if they understood well the lessons. Some students can focus well, especially if their set at home is not conducive to learning like having online classes. Disruptions will also happen if you attend a live online class and one of the students fails to mute his phone speaker. Internal and external factors will the learning experience of the students and the teaching experience of the teachers.


2. More Dependent on Online Tutors

There are different tutors worldwide that anyone can hire and pay for. There are different websites also that will cater to the need of the students they have freelancers and online workers who are waiting to answer the projects and assignments of their learners. You just need to pay them according to the stimulated poll service record and freelancers will only need to answer their queries in exchange for their rate. They can choose various assignments or quizzes from lessons and topics they find hard so that freelancers can answer this. You can also choose freelancers who deliver quality service and lower salary rates like cheap essay writers for those students who find it hard in answering their essay activities.


3. Less Interaction

Online courses especially if students will just read all the uploaded modules or learning materials create lesser interaction compared to face-to-face learning. Some students can just off their cameras or speakers if they don't want to listen to class discussion. This kind of learning restricts students to some group discussions and activities especially learning in a real setting as they will have the best and most long-lasting learning if they try doing it firsthand.


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