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Android Market now allows Apps size Up to 4GB, Large Games will be hosted on the Market

6 March, 2012 Android

Android Market

Before, Google limited the Android Market applications (.apk) size to 50MB, and developers have had to make smaller apks and the user will download the expansion files after installing the APK, Well Google changed this today by increasing the Market App size Up to 4GB. The new maximum application size of 4GB does not necessarily mean the size of the APK will be increased... but rather the Android Market will host the application expansion files. This will help the Google keep a closer eye on when a user completely finishes the download of a large application to properly start the refund period.

Most of us have experienced a long in-game download like Gameloft Asphalt 6, and then realized the refund period has already passed. In the Android Market, these expansion files are added to the 50MB size of your application so users know how much space the app will really take from his Phone Memory after full Installation.

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