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Android mini PC available for $74, In a Size of a Flash Memory

19 May, 2012 Android

Android 4.0 mini PC

This Device (MK802) may look like an ordinary USB stick, but it is a fully-functional computer. Of course, you need to attach it to a display, and connect some sort of keyboard/mouse combo, but the MK802 could very well be the smallest PC around. This computer is powered by Android 4.0 ICS and you can attach any mouse or keyboard to use on the linux-powered Google Operating system.

There are, of course, some trade-offs involved here. The MK802 is from an unspecified manufacturer, and has a single core 1.5Ghz processor. Also, the HDMI is a connector, rather than a socket, so you will need to use a cable rather than just stick it into the back of a TV.


Android 4.0 mini PC

Here is its Specs

1. Use Allwinner A10/1GHZ Cortex-A8 high speed
processor Core frequency reach 1GMHZ ,Coretex-A8 is the most advanced core.

The comprehensive processing ability , hardware performance close to desktop computer .Play HD video ,share blog ,share game amusement and Website read to give you the delight fully digital experience .

2.With 3D Graphical processor

3.Use 512M (slect 1GB) DDR3 high capacity memory.

4.With WIFI 802.1b/g/n Wireless to get rid of the wire bond

5.Support the latest HTML5 ,Flash10.3 ,etc, network standard.

6.Support Full HD 1080P/2160P.



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