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Apple Share Improves Post-Galaxy S 4 Launch

17 March, 2013 Apple

Apple shareholders were relieved that the anticipation for the S 4 that has been a bane to their stock price has already burst. Investors were quite happy to know that the Galaxy S 4 wasn't really what they expected. In a way, they were really anticipating something that could outdo the iPhone 5 and luckily for them, it didn't happen, to the chagrin of many.

Samsung did spend a lot in building the anticipation only to see many people disappointed over its features. They were rooting for something that is ground breaking and even mind-blowing. The Apple stock rose up to $443.66 a day after the Samsung S 4 has been launched and many don't see it as that of a big threat to the success and profitability of Apple.

This does not mean to say, however, that the S 4 does not have awesome features. Apple people were just expecting something really innovative and surprising. Many analysts were also disappointed with the actual performance of the S 4 at the event and although it's still likely that they might reach or come close to their objective, it is enough for Apple shareholders to keep their stocks and wait until the iPhone 5s (or 6) is released.

Source: cnet


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