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Artificial Intelligence And Art

8 August, 2022 Technology

Artificial Intelligence And Art


Used to be several years ago when artists were arguing about the art that was created by artificial intelligence. They have not come to one conclusion, though everyone understands that artificial intelligence can do better. Not only arts. It can basically do anything better in any sphere which it used to learn or copy from us. In some sort of doing things, it can be even interesting. So you can try to gamble at Hellspin and win from artificial intelligence.


Today, DALL-E and other generative AI systems offer images that are comparable to the old masters, if not in design, then in technique. But often these systems are trained on content created by people and taken from the network.


How Does It Work?

Generative artificial intelligence known as DALL-E 2 is an Open-AI system for creating different pictures according to realistic landscapes. The user can enter any phrase he wants about anything and the model will present several relevant images.


Some images might look a little bit different to the untrained eye. Open AI recently announced that it will open DALL-E 2 to 1 million users as part of a large-scale beta test. During the first month, it will be possible to generate 50 images for free. Every subsequent month can be done 15 more times.


An additional package of 115 images will cost $15, as the product develops, the company promises to provide more detailed pricing.


Most importantly, users will be able to earn from images by allowing them to be printed, sold, or otherwise licensed to content based on their description. However, these systems cannot work in a vacuum: every GAI needs to be trained. After all, AI is a beautiful term that basically means a way to tell programs how to recognize patterns.


Art And Law

The legal situation is not particularly clear, especially in the US, where there have been several cases involving Text and Data Mining. In the US, TDM is predominantly subject to fair use law, which permits various forms of copying and scanning for the purpose of providing access. However, this is not an established practice.


There is a fairly precedent case called the lawsuit of the Authors Guild against Google (2015). Back then, the main problem was that using the author's images, Google digitalized them and used them in its databases as its own.


Lots Of Work To Do

Artificial intelligence is no longer just a toy or an interesting research project, as it has already caused a lot of harm. Thus, the Times wrote that the Clearview AI service turned out to be not entirely reliable. AI is already being used in practice.


The DALL-E 2 Mid journey analog, which recently opened beta version, is capable of creating impressive illustrations. Users who want to generate more images or use them for commercial purposes will need to pay a fee of $10-50 per month.


So far, this has not been a problem for Crayon, as he currently creates low-res illustrations. However, he believes that regardless of quality, generative artificial intelligence should obey and respect laws to keep the cooperation between itself and people clear.


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