August Security Patch for the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 Edge+ is Now Live

17 August, 2018 Samsung Updates

If you live in South Korea, you should be getting the August security patch any time now on your Galaxy S6 Edge+ or Galaxy Note 5. Even if you don't live in South Korea, this is good news because it means that the updates are already being rolled out and should be making their way onto the two models in other regions very soon. Earlier in the week, the S7 and S7 Edge started receiving the same firmware update.

It is always good to see Samsung looking out for its older smartphones as well. Flagship devices as they were back in 2015, these are pretty old now at 3+. Even then they are good smartphones that are running pretty smoothly till date for most people and the Galaxy Note 5 in particular is still a beast of a device.

Via: SamMobile

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