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Avatar - The Game App for iPhone

2 January, 2010 Apple


The Avatar Movie is still #1 in the box office, I went to see it a week ago, I highly recommended for everyone.  But this post isn't about the movie, it's about the iPhone Game App that has already been created for Avator,  Daniel at gave us a full preview on the game.


The platforming at first could be a little tricky, but once you get the hang of the controls, moving around Pandora isn't that much of a challenge. There will be times where a jump or two will be missed resulting in your untimely demise, but thankfully, the game is very lenient with deaths as numerous checkpoints litter any single level. Since this is a game that's running off a mobile device, the checkpoints can be a life saver if you suddenly need to stop playing.



Check out the video below and for complete review, click here.


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