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Batman: Arkham Knight 2014 First Trailer [Video]

22 May, 2014 Gaming

Arkham Knight

For all Dark Knight fans out there, Rocksteady has released a video trailer of its upcoming game, the 4th and final game in the Batman Arkham series, Batman: Arkham Knight. The video features a voiceover by Arkham Knight, voiced by John Noble, telling the people of Gotham to abandon the city. And then Batman arrives for "evening the odds".

The video trailer focuses on the new batman suite and most importantly, it gives a better look at the new Batmobile, Finally!, which will play a major role in this game. The release date of Batman: Arkham Knight is October 14, 2014 and it's rumored that a lite mobile version of the game will be available on iOS and Android devices. Video below, Enjoy!

Watch Video Trailer


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