Beam Player: simple folder-based music player

16 March, 2013 Applications

If you are one of those who want applications that feature clean and simple user interface, you might want to try the Beam Player. This is a simple player that directly plays music from your folders. This application features simple buttons and is quite responsive when used on tablets.

It looks quite clean with all the typical buttons but everything on the screen will surely have a major function. No confusing additions and toggles for you to get lost in. All you need to do with the Beam Player is look for your file on your folders and play. The tabs on the top portion also allow you to look into your most recently-played music as well as a "favorites" folder.

Simple controls characterize this music player and one thing that also makes it a good pic is that it fits well in any size of screen. It is now available in Google Play for free and you can shell out an extra $2.01 for an ad-less Beam Player.

What's in this version:

- Fixed bug "can't close notification when music is paused"
- Lockscreen controls
- Expendables notifications for android 4.1+
- Headset buttons support (play/pause)
- Album covers form mp3 tags
- Favorite songs are played like a playlist
- Add favorite from player screen

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