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Best Battle Royale Games for Mobile in 2021

5 June, 2021 Gaming

Best Battle Royale Games for Mobile in 2021


The introduction of the Battle Royale genre to mobile was one of the biggest and most profitable things to happen in the video gaming industry. Since there are many people out there who cannot afford a high-tier computer, mobile ports of famous battle royale games expanded the market and created a whole new genre in mobile gaming.


Here are the best mobile battle royale games that you can try in 2021.


Call of Duty: Mobile

The game that was released with such a bang has made a heavy impact on mobile gaming since its mega release. Not only does the game feature a 100 player Battle Royale map that can be played on squads, duos, or solos but also has a vast selection of multiplayer first-person shooter modes that make for a good way to pass the time if you can't play the full battle royale game.


The game has consistently updated new content, and with the battle pass, you are sure to enjoy a lot of new skins and weaponry.


PUBG: Mobile

PUBG: Mobile can easily be considered the king of Battle Royale games on Mobile. Most mobile Battle Royale games that came after PUBG: Mobile can be considered some sort of copycats that took a lot from the game and tried to make it their own. The game features a large Battle Royle map that has 100 players in each game, and the map collapses with time, allowing players to interact with each other. Want to skip the line and experience the best gameplay in PUBG Mobile? To do that you need to buy PUBG Mobile account with maxed stats and you will be good to go to dominate your game.


There is a wide range of weapons, gear, weapon attachments, and vehicles that can aid you in victory. The game runs pretty smoothly on most devices, given you have chosen the right settings for your device, and in case you have a phone that is having trouble running the game, there is a PUBG Mobile Lite version with lower-end graphics and has 50 players instead of 100.



Of course, no list of Battle Royale games can ever be complete without the mention of Fortnite. The game that swept the gaming community at a period with the introduction of the building mechanics, everyone wanted to try the intensely challenging game. Also, buying Fortnite skins might be costly but you can always be smarter and buy Fortnite account that already has your desired skins with most of them being extremely rare which you can't even acquire anymore.


The game, like the other game mentioned here, has a map on which 100 players descend and battle it out for the Victory Royale. Fortnite, like PUBG: Mobile, can be considered one of the games that were copied for their style of play. A game called creative destruction was launched, which has similar mechanics to Fortnite and can be considered a decent clone of the game.


Fortnite's building mechanics are something that set it apart from other battle royale games. The building allowed players to make more creative decisions while battling it out, and it gave them an option to escape sticky situations.


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