Bitcasa brings cloud to Android without storage limit

18 December, 2012 Applications



The Bitcasa app lets you access everything in your Infinite Drive - anywhere!


The Bitcasa mobile app for Android allows you to access all your stuff stored on your Bitcasa Infinite Drive using your Android phone or tablet.


You can also connect your device's camera to Bitcasa so that it automatically saves every picture and video you take into Bitcasa. You'll never run out of space on your phone again.


With the Bitcasa Android App, you can:


• Keep literally every file you've ever owned in your pocket
• Connect your camera to Bitcasa to automatically upload all pictures and videos you take
• "Favorite" items to keep a local copy always on your phone (so they are available offline)
• View your photos and entire photo albums
• Watch videos in various formats
• Listen to whole music albums
• View your work documents
• Share any file of any size to Bitcasa and non-Bitcasa users alike.


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