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Bugdroid - Android Prototype Takes LEGO Fancy

11 February, 2013 Android

When someone notices and makes a prototype of your logo, it just goes to show how excellent you are doing and this is exactly what Android is for this guy that created a LEGO bugdroid. Enter: Bugdroid. The ubiquitous Android character may now very well be a definitive LEGO masterpiece.

Marc Young, alias GLHTurbo, created a beta LEGO version of the Bugdroid and at present, has over 10,000 supporters already. The prototype includes movable antennae, arms and head and consists of over 200 lime-colored bricks and some special parts. It could cost more than $30 to build on your own, if you want something like it.

The success of Android is measured on the number of users and smartphone sales. Additionally, it can now be possibly measured on the number of LEGO Bugdroids released, assuming that it gets to pass review stage and actually gets sold by LEGO.


Source: Lego for Android


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