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COD Modern Warfare: 7 Tricks to Earn the Highest Killstreaks

25 January, 2022 Gaming

COD Modern Warfare: 7 Tricks to Earn the Highest Killstreaks


COD Modern Warfare is a must for any shooter games lovers yet to get on Verdansk. However, you must be ready to kill- if you want to stay alive. Therefore, the gameplay really focuses on your kills more than anything else.


To get these kills, you'll need some guidance from players who had been in the game before you. That said, you shouldn't stop at anything to discover the 7 pro tips below. Also, try out some tools available at


Tips and Tricks to get the highest Killstreaks in COD Modern Warfare.

1. Dead silence helps

Since the inception of Call of Duty, the stealth of players has been a big advantage if they must make those smart last-minute moves. Dead silence is one of the perks in Modern Warfare that gives you this advantage to its fullest.


You can find it in Field Upgrades and can be unleashed for short bursts. However, we recommend that you save it for use when you get to those busy areas so that you can surprise enemies inside buildings.


2. Adjust settings for quick moves

Modern Warfare is a fast-paced game with a fast time to kill. This means that you should make all necessary adjustments to allow you to make those kills at a faster rate. So, you should get accustomed to practicing with your sensitivity setting set a bit high. It allows you to make those quick moves needed to get your crosshair on target, just in time.


3. Footsteps sound Helps

Since you can hear other players' footsteps in the game, you can take advantage of this. In addition to alerting you of an enemy's presence, the footstep sound also gives you a clue regarding the direction the person is emerging from.


So, get yourself to a cover position and wait to confirm if the player is a friend or foe. You can then attack the unsuspecting enemy from your hidden position.


4. Your UAVs matter a lot

UAVs are a must for any player once they have enough cash to purchase one. Your UAV tells you the approximate location of close enemies on the map. Even better, if you launch a UAV with other members of your team, you'll be able to see the location of other players on the map. Also, if you spot an enemy UAV, use counter-UAVs to counter enemy UAVs.


5. The Kill Chain perk is a plus.

Do you want your killstreak to accumulate pretty smooth for you? Then you should equip the Kill chain perk to make your killstreak amount towards your next killstreak. It makes it easy for you to quickly get the wheels on the tank and get the chopper gunner on standby. Also, worthy of note, this perk is one quick way to get vehicles, allowing for a faster killstreak.


6. Those Claymore mines can be dangerous.

Claymore mines are a big source of kills if you utilize them as traps. You can hide them behind closed doors or under vehicles. The blast from a single mine is enough to get you kills that can take several minutes to achieve with your rifle.


Thankfully, the Shrapnel perk allows you to carry up to two of these mines. However, note that the blast radius is wide enough to affect you. So, make sure you move as far away as possible after planting your traps.


7. Be versatile with your use of weapons.

Different loadout drops in the game contain several weapon combinations. It's really cool to have your favorite gun and master it. But you need to be able to use other weapons too. It allows you to play more effectively since different guns best serve certain combat conditions. So, take some time to try out different weapons during your practice hours.



The fastest way to climb the ranks in Modern Warfare is by killing as many enemies as possible. This requires you to access useful information that your opponent probably hasn't found yet. The tips in this article are just a scratch of what is available.


So irrespective of your angle of approach to the game, understand weapons, utilize Claymore mines, adjust settings rightly, use UAVs and always listen to footsteps.


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