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Check Out Samsung’s Stress Test Facilities for the Galaxy S5 [Photos]

12 April, 2014 Galaxy S7

Galaxy S5 Test

Every Smartphones has to pass certain tests and requirements in order to be allowed on the market thanks to the FCC strict regulations. But How Samsung Test its Smartphone Body structure and quality ?... Samsung has shed some light on what the Galaxy S5 test facilities look like and how it was used to make sure the flagship is as great as possible.


Samsung test

One of the primary concerns of every certification authority is the emitted radiation, so Samsung naturally has this room for such testing purposes (Photo above). The liquid imitates human fluids, while the probe measures the radiation. The last room is where the engineers measure how a device's radiation affects other on common electronics.


We have some Exclusive footage from inside the Samsung Huge Test facility. Enjoy it!




Samsung Test


Samsung Test


Samsung Test


Samsung Test




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