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[Tutorial] How to Get Chrome for Android v34 NTP New look

13 April, 2014 Android

Google New look NTP

Chrome for Android version 34 has a Great Hidden feature, a Newer look for the NTP (New Tab Page). The New look NTP puts Google Search bar in the middle with current Google doddle above it, your most visited websites below it, and two buttons, One for your Bookmarks in a better designed list, the other button is for Recent Tabs for all your other synced Google devices (Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone, iPad... etc).

To Get this New look just follow the few Steps below, It's completely safe and you can undo it at any time. Make sure you have the latest Chrome version 34 from the play store to get the same look as in the screenshot above.



Chrome Flags


Head to Chrome Address bar and type Chrome://Flags/ then Hit Enter to open this setting page.




NTP Flag


Scroll down and Search for "Enable the New NTP. Android" Flag.
If you are already on your Chrome Browser, you can Click this link HERE to get there directly.



Enable NTP Flag


Now, Enable the New NTP, by selecting "Enable" from the Drop-down menu.







You'll have to ReLaunch Chrome for Android, note that this will close all currently open tabs. You're DONE!



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