Controll a Real AR.Drone with your Android Phone/Tablet [Video]

4 May, 2014 Android


Parrot AR.Drone is a Quadricopter that you can pay online from Amazon Here, its's about $400. Parrot also has an Android App AR.FreeFlight to let you control your AR.Drone from your Android Smartphone/Tablet. The Drone has a 720p camera on it, os it will sent you live video feed to your Android device while flying.

The AR.Drone is smart. It auto-stabilizes, locks its position if you lose WiFi connectivity, and the propellers automatically cut out when you crash. Its foam frame and plastic rotors are nice, soft, and flexible meaning you'll have to take a pretty mean spill to cause the Parrot serious damage. And when you do break something, Parrot's got you covered with a gamut of repair parts and tools available online.



The AR.FreeFlight App is Free but you'll Need to have the AR.Drone first. check out the video demo below of the Drone flying with the Android App.



App Video DEMO,  Android App


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