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Download Minecraft PE 1.16.221 full version and meet the new underworld!

23 April, 2021 Gaming


Minecraft PE 1.16.221 Release

In Minecraft PE, developers at Mojang Studios focused on innovations from the Caves & Cliffs update. The game now has new mountains that impress the player with their size. They have begun to look much more realistic.


This version added gorgeous blocks of amethysts and geodes that you can find in countless underground caves in MCPE 1.16.221.




These blocks will have an outer layer called Smooth Basalt. Next comes Calcite, which is deeper, and a few more layers. Also, beauty Amethyst Clusters grows in this generation.


The most unexpected item is the spyglass that the developers added to this Minecraft PE 1.16.221 update. It allows you to see very long distances.




The viewing is slowed down to make you more comfortable to view the space.


The new material in Minecraft 1.16.221 is produced by melting copper ore. This ore is generated at approximately the same height as iron ore. After melting copper ore, the player receives a copper ingot.




You can make various copper blocks from copper bars in Minecraft PE 1.16.221. But these blocks become air-oxidized over time and the color of their texture changes to turquoise. If you combine the copper block with the honeycomb, you can avoid that.

Glow Squid

In Minecraft PE 1.16.221, the player can see a new creature underwater, a luminous octopus. It differs from a typical octopus in that it emits light and exciting particles. At death, a glowing ink sac falls from this mob.




If you combine this bag with a regular frame, you can get a glowing frame. Objects in this frame will glow at night and will be visible. This is especially good for interior decoration.


Traveling through the world of Minecraft PE 1.16.221, the player can encounter small but amiable Axolotel creatures which appeared in MCPE 1.16.200 version. They live only in the aquatic space, as the land is fatal to them and can cause early death. Due to their peaceful nature, the characters will try to help the user, especially if they are in trouble.




In this way, the axolotls apply a generating effect on the player, treat fatigue, and scare off enemies. In Minecraft PE 1.16.221, there are nine variations of mobs coloration, the blue one being the rarest.

Stalactites and stalagmites

In the caves in Minecraft PE 1.16.221, the player should now be careful, as a stalactite can fall on it at any time. It’s a new entity that appears on cave ceilings.




Stalagmites, unlike stalactites, appear on the ground. You can also fall and get a lot of damage.


It generates a deep block underground in the upper world. In Minecraft 1.16.221, shale is very similar to stone: blocks have the same strength properties, dark texture.




If you use a pickaxe on slate, it will be dropped to the player as an object. You can also burn the block and get a shredded shale.

Download Minecraft 1.16.221

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