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Easy Steps To Help You Attract More Users To Your Content

13 September, 2021 Technology

What is the one thing


What is the one thing that every website/blog/forum owner wants? Users of course! But how do you get more users to visit your content? This article will outline some of the best practices of getting and keeping users.


Set Up Proper Marketing Mechanisms

This is where you can use Google AdSense or other forms of paid advertising. There are plenty of ways to shake down traffic; social media, forums, direct links (not spamming), etc. So choose what's right for your site and go with it! Keep in mind that you may not want to put too much stock into ads at first because if they're off by even a few dollars (or cents), it could make or break the success of your content.


Link Multiple Links To Your Social Media Bio

This is pretty simple, just have links to your accounts on all of your social media profiles. Some sites allow only one link, and the folks at Link In Bio explain that it's important to find ways around this so that you can add multiple links. As you can imagine, links to link-sharing sites are popular among internet users. So with that in mind, it's always a good idea to give them everything they need at the tip of their fingers.


Optimize Your Site For Mobile Devices

People are spending more time on mobile devices, so you need to have a good site that is easy to navigate while being viewed on the go. Here are some important things to note about mobile optimization.


A responsive site is best. You can also go with a mobile version of your website, but keep in mind that they may look different from your desktop pages. Also, test out your site on iPhone, Android, and Windows phones to see what the view looks like for users of those devices. You can then optimize it for each one if necessary.


Create RSS Feeds For Your Social Presence And Newsletter

Having an RSS feed will allow you to have all of your social media posts in one place so that users don't have to visit every page daily to get updates from you. Having a newsletter is great too because it allows you to keep in touch with your user base on a more personal level than through any other method. Many users like to receive their information through emails, and it's a much more personal approach.


Post Regularly On Social Media Sites

Having an RSS feed is great, but if you don't have content for your users, they're going to leave your site as soon as they find another one that supplies what they need. That means if you want to keep people coming back, then you need to post regularly on social media sites the same way that you do with other forms of marketing; forums, ads, etc. This is especially true if you're using some of the best services out there, such as those that allow you to buy Twitter followers for example.


Quality Content Is The Best Traffic Magnet

This one pretty much speaks for itself, if you have good content, people will come in their hordes to experience it in its full glory. Instead of focusing on getting more traffic by any means necessary, try to put your efforts into producing quality articles so that your content can attract the right users.


Make Sure You Optimize Your Site For Keywords

This basically means that when people search something and land on your content (for example, if they searched "cars" and ended up reading an article about cars), make sure it's in there multiple times or at least once. The more times keywords appear in your content; the higher chances of organic traffic you will have.


Utilize The Power Of Commenting

You should always reply to reader's comments; even bad ones (with tact!). If possible, try to do this within an hour or two after their comments/questions/feelings are posted. The more often you respond quickly (not like 10 minutes later), the better chance you'll make a loyal user out of them. However, don't be afraid to neglect commenters that are either trolls, spammers, or simply rude/offensive.


Utilize Proper Categorization

If you have a blog or article that will be updated regularly, then it's good if you categorize it into the appropriate category! This way users can see what other articles are available on similar topics and possibly visit them too. If they find an article interesting, they may subscribe for future updates by RSS feed or email newsletter (if you provide one). You will increase user satisfaction this way.


If you have a blog


Some of these tips may seem simple, but they really work. The more users that are drawn into your site, the more you will have, so it's good to always look into improving your marketing strategies if you haven't already. Some of these suggestions are free while others cost a little bit, but it would be well worth your time/money because who knows- maybe just one tip will skyrocket your site traffic!


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