Elon Musk is mad Apple is using OpenAI in iOS 18

12 June, 2024 Web Tech

Elon Musk is mad Apple is using OpenAI in iOS 18


One of the biggest announcements Apple made at WWDC 2024 is Apple Intelligence. This is basically Apple's take on AI. The company also announced a partnership with OpenAI to leverage some of its tech for some of its AI features. But it seems that Elon Musk isn't thrilled with Apple working with OpenAI.


In a post on X, Musk calls the partnership an "unacceptable security violation". He also says that he will ban the use of Apple devices at his companies. Musk goes on to say that visitors who bring an Apple device will have to check them at the door where the devices will be placed in a Faraday cage.



For context, Musk was one of the co-founders of OpenAI alongside its current CEO, Sam Altman. However, Musk left the board back in 2018 and both him and Altman have been at each other's throats ever since.


We doubt that Apple will end their partnership with OpenAI over Musk's tweets, but it is an interesting reaction. That being said, Apple executive Craig Federighi did mention during an interview at WWDC 2024 that the company is open to the idea of using other AI models. He cites the possibility of giving users the choice of picking their own AI, such as Google Gemini.


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