Extreme Samsung Galaxy S5 Water Test, Will it Survive ? [Video]

7 April, 2014 Galaxy S7

Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 holds a IP67 certification, which means its water resistant up to 1 meter, In an Extreme water test, the device went for a swim in 1 meter of water. And instead of waiting 30 minutes, the phone was left underwater for one whole hour. Will it survive? Watch the Video Below.

Spoiler! The Samsung Galaxy S5 might have been all wet, but it was still working perfectly after 60 minutes. But there was another test left. The phone was put inside the pocket of a pair of jeans that was ready to go through a normal washing cycle. Could the Samsung Galaxy S5 live through 50 minutes of spinning and sloshing? Yes, once again the Samsung Galaxy S5 came out of a dangerous confrontation with water, in perfect condition.



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