Eye-Tracking Features on the Samsung Galaxy S IV

5 March, 2013 Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy S IV features eye-tracking capabilities that allow users scroll up and down the pages without touching the display screen. According to the NY Times, a sensor in the front panel tracks the movement of the eye and sends a signal to scroll through the pages.

NY Times further reported that according to an insider, after reading the last of the paragraph, the S IV will instinctively display new paragraph-quite useful for browsing quickly. This is only one of the modifications that Samsung did on Android and it remains to be seen if it will pan out or it won't be a popular feature among many users who are used to touch scrolling as it will most likely take some time to get used to.

If ever it becomes successful, it is one of the biggest features to hit the industry this year and future improvements will definitely make devices with such capability to perform on top of their levels.

Source: NYtimes


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