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First Photo Rendering of the Reversible USB 3.1 Appears

3 April, 2014 Technology

USB 3.1

All current USB cables USB 2.0, microUSB, USB 3.0 etc. They all have the same design but with higher speed and you it's a pain to plug-in a USB cable on your laptop, tablet or phone especially in the dark because they are all irreversible. But now Foxconn shows the first photo rending of a Reversible USB cable to be called USB 3.1 it wouldn't matter which end was plugged into what, or how you flipped it around.




USB 3.1 Type-C will finally break compatibility with the standard USB port design in favor of a much smaller connection interface, and will do away with the microUSB (and miniUSB) standard completely.


USB 3.1


The cable will boast a bandwidth of up to 10Gbps, though most of the other specifications are still up in the air. The cable is said to be coming later this year.



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