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Five Cell phones that Rocked the Market in 2008

15 January, 2009 LG (Life's good)

It was a pretty exciting year for the mobile phone industry in 2008. Beginning in early part of 2008 when Apple's 2nd Gen iPhone, the iPhone 3G was released, almost every major manufacturers called up their technicians and asked them to come up with the iPhone killer. Their battle cry was - come up with the equal if not better alternative to the iPhone which is sweeping the mobile phone market. And so aside from the iPhone we've witnessed how the industry went gaga in anticipation of mobile phones such as the Blackberry Bold, Sony Ericsson Xperia X1, Samsung Omnia, and of course the much awaited Google-powered HTC-manufactured mobile phone - the G1. As our special feature to usher in the new year for the mobile phone market, here's a recap of these top five cell phones that rocked the mobile phone market in 2008.


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