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Four Hobbies You Can Take Up Using Your Smartphones

6 November, 2021 Education

Four Hobbies You Can Take Up Using Your Smartphones


Our smartphones really are marvellous aren't they? You can do virtually anything with them, from booking holidays to doing work, playing games, and connecting with friends. But did you know you can also take up many hobbies on your device too?


There are thousands of hobbies which can be enjoyed via apps and online just as much as offline, and below we've highlighted four that really are among the more interesting...



If you're a lover of writing then there is absolutely nothing stopping you from enjoying that on your mobile device. There are a number of different apps that you can use to aid your writing, with both Google Docs and Microsoft Word available in app stores, while you can even use the Notes app which comes with most phones these days.


You can, naturally, take up writing how you wish. Whether you want to make notes for a novel or short story you're writing, poetry, songs or anything else. These apps are ideal.



If you're a lover of a spin on the roulette wheels or slots then mobile casinos are certainly for you. The industry couldn't be any bigger right now and you only have to look at sites like to see just how many are available to try.


It doesn't matter where you are in the world. For example, Leroi johnny casino en ligne is among one of the biggest in France and mainland Europe, while you'll find many big names in the UK and US. Many games play the same as their offline counterparts and they're one of the most immersive types of game on the planet today.


Stocks & Shares

If you're looking for some more sophisticated gambling, then why not dabble in stocks and shares. There are tons of apps you can use to take this up as a hobby, with many even built for beginners, guiding you through the process and aiding you invest.


Of course, plenty of learning will also come with this if you're going to make it a profitable enterprise but it's certainly a smartphone hobby you can really throw yourself into.


Plane Spotting

Plane spotting isn't exactly something you can do with your smartphone, but you can do a type of it. While you can't exactly see the planes, unless you look out of your window, you can follow air traffic using Flight Radar 24, which can be incredibly fascinating.


You can see the type of plane passing over and where they are from and heading, while you can also explore what's going on in the skies all around the world.


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