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Galaxy S6 Edge+ receives its Android M updates in France and India

25 March, 2016 Samsung Updates

One may think that the Galaxy S7 might just be taking up all the attention from Samsung, but the Korean manufacturer is proving that they have not forgotten about their last year's flagship models yet. The most recent reminder of that came in the form of an update for the S6 Edge+ which started upgrading the smartphone's base Android version from lollipop to Marshmallow. Customers in India and France started tweeting about this, soon after the updates officially started to roll out to the respective customers in the two countries.

As seen before, the update is about 1.3GB in size and is available over-the-air (OTA). Significant improvements in fingerprint detection, Quick Connect operations, battery performance and overall user experience are expected to make its way to the Samsung smartphone with this important upgrade. If you have not yet received a notification about it, then do not fret as it can never arrive on all the smartphones at the same time. You can always check for it though, by going to Settings>About device>Download Updates. If it has already arrived, then choose whether to do it right then or later. As an alternative, you can also schedule the update in such a way the entire process completes itself while you are asleep during the night.

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