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Galaxy S9: Display Details

5 August, 2017 Samsung

The Galaxy Note 8 is due to be launched on August 23 in South Korea and we are already receiving reports regarding the Galaxy S9's display. Not that we have a very revealing leak for you today, but it is still quite an interesting bit of information that comes to us via ETNews.


Apparently, the display on the S9 will consist of Y-OCTA panels; a kind of display technology that makes using additional parts for touch detection unnecessary, because these panels have in-built touch modules. While that sounds quite amazing, what does it mean in the real world? Well it means that Samsung smartphones should cost less to manufacture in 2018 as compared to now. This would of course be a result of the fact that Samsung will become less dependent on the other suppliers to supply them with certain parts for their smartphone's displays.


The only device in Samsung's present arsenal which currently uses Y-OCTA panels is the regular Galaxy S8 and not even the Galaxy S8+. This was of course, not a willing decision but a forced one because they simply did not have enough supplies. Let's hope that Samsung will be able to overcome supply problems by the time the Galaxy S9 is released and that is reflected in their final pricing of the product.


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