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Google Messages would now be able to show iMessage responses

22 November, 2021 App Updates


In any gathering of companions or partners, there will most certainly be a blend of iPhone and Android clients. While most courier stages like WhatsApp are cross-stage, there are some who presumably demand utilizing iMessage to send their messages and utilize elite elements like responses.


For those new, responses is an element of iMessage that allows the client to respond to a message utilizing emoticons, like how you would respond to a Facebook post, a message sent on Instagram, Facebook Messenger, etc.


Google Messages would now be able to show iMessage responses


Presently as per 9to5Google, apparently Google is permitting Google Messages to show responses sent from iMessage clients. Before this, at whatever point iMessage clients would respond to a message sent from an Android phone, it would fundamentally depict the response, as Laughed at , etc.


As indicated by 9to5Google, some Android clients are now seeing this update where the emoticon really shows as was expected yet somewhat unique. For instance, iMessages chuckle response is displayed as Haha on iMessage, however on Google Messages, it shows a giggling face emoticon, yet clients ought to get the substance.


From what we can tell from our own testing, this update isnt accessible to everybody yet as a portion of our gadgets actually show the old method of showing responses, so it very well may be some time before it advances onto your gadget.


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