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Google Pixel 6 Pro's camera module may be an extreme fix work

13 October, 2021 Google

Google Pixel 6 Pro's camera module may be an extreme fix work


Sending your phone back to the producer who made it for fixes is generally prompted on the grounds that the organization clearly realizes their gadget quite well, and you're ensured unique parts and parts. The issue is that official fixes can be quite costly, which is the reason outsider fix shops exist.


Sadly for those anticipating getting the Google Pixel 6 Pro, you should be extra cautious with its cameras. This is on the grounds that as per a supposed spilled fix manual for the phone, it appears to be that the camera module on the handset is extremely challenging to fix which implies that outsider shops probably won't take at work.



This additionally implies that in case there is a major issue with the cameras, you'll need to send it back to Google to sort it out, which thusly implies that it very well may be an expensive fix work. As per the manual, this is evidently in light of the fact that Google has selected to combine the camera module with an interesting gadget from its manufacturing plant and is adjusted at the merchant's site, recommending that it very well may be close to inconceivable for outsider fixes.


To be reasonable for Google, they are in good company to make their gadgets difficult to fix. Apple is infamous for pulling these sorts of tricks where they cripple highlights like Touch ID or Face ID when it identifies outsider parts.


This doesn't imply that the Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro are terrible phones to stay away from, but instead in case you're somebody who intends to keep their phone around for a drawn out timeframe, this is something you'll need to consider as long as possible.


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