Google Play Store Update v5.0.32 with Full Material Design UI and Many Improvements [APK Download]

18 October, 2014 Google Play

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Google Play Store App has just been update to version 5.0.32 with Full Material Design UI, this update prepares the App for the Android L official launch. There is no official change-log for this update but we noticed some major changes in the UI of the App.


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In Google Play 5.0.32, the App has adopted a New revised laucnher icon with a cleaned up icon that fits the new theme. You'll also notice new notification icons while updating or installing an App, It's more flat and clear than previous versions.


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The What's New section in any App is now highlighted green, and while it's still truncated after 4 lines on the main app screen. The Feature Graphic became a part of every App on the Play Store and the developer has to submit one in order to update his App. Check out our App on the Play Store.


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To get the Play Store App v5.0.32, you can download the Official APK from the direct link Below. This APK has not been modified by any means and it's 100% safe to install. Enjoy!


Play Store 5.0.31

Google Play 5.0.32 [APK]



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