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Google Search updated to v3.4.15 with Nickname support and Parking Info [Download]

1 May, 2014 Google Play

Google Search


Google has just Updated its Search App to Version 3.4.15 ( to be exact), Google Play Music and Play Games also got a minor update.


Google Search 3.4.15

Google Search 3.4.15 is a minro update with some new features. The app will now try and determine the position of your car when you park it, so when you return you know where to find it on the map. It also now supports nicknames, you can assign a nickname to any contact as your "brother", "wife", "mother"... etc.


Google Search 3.4.15

Google Search 3.4.15 Change-log :

- New reminders interface with better arrangement of past reminders
- Centralized list for nicknames under Accounts & privacy
- "Help" and "Send feedback" are now "Help & feedback" (one item)
- Offline mode no longer clears all cards, keeps cards from last update
- Open some settings by voice


Google Search App


Download Google Search 3.4.15 [APK]


Download Google Search 3.4.15 [Play]



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