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Google Shopper hits iPhone and Google Latitude now with check-ins

2 February, 2011 Android

Google has some good news and some bad news. The good news is that Google Shopper will be available for the iPhone. If you have not heard of it, its a must-have tool for shopping on the go. The bad news is that Google Latitude now allows users to check into places.



Google Latitude


Google Latitude

Google Latitude will still allow real-time location sharing but the new features give more meaning to your location.


You can "check in" somewhere say a restaurant and see its Place page to read reviews. Better still, you can see when someone checks in somewhere and look at its Place page and if you like what you read, Google Maps Navigation will guide you there. Three features help you with the check in notifications remind you to check in as you arrive, or you can have Latitude check in automatically. Check outs are automatic, so your friends will know you’re no longer there.


Check into a place enough times and you can earn a status Regular, VIP or Guru. If you have used Foursquare, you will notice that’s pretty much the same thing they do let you check in somewhere, share your check-ins with friends and become the "Mayor" of a place you frequent. Anyway, to use check-ins you need Android 1.6+ then update Google Maps from the Market and join Latitude. You can share check-ins with everyone, your friends or just keep them to yourself.

Google Shopper for iPhone


Google shopper

As for Google Shopper, its a simple and very useful tool enter a search for a product and shopper will instantly provide you with user reviews, let you compare prices for online retailers and even find stores that carry a product in near your location. You can also bookmark a product to consider later.


If you are already in a store, looking at something, you can just scan its barcode or a book cover and Google Shopper will provide the same info Google Shopper for iPhone is now available for the 3GS and the iPhone 4, only in English in the US and UK. There is has been an Android version for some time.

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