Google+ and Google Maps Update in Google Play Store

16 August, 2012 Google


Google released updates for two of their major apps on the same day. The first is the Google+ app, which gets some cool new features. The first one is that the Google+ app now allows teenagers to create and join Hangouts from their mobile, which wasn't possible before due to age restrictions.


google + mapsintegration

Another cool feature is that the mobile app now allows you to do Hangouts on Air using your smartphone, something that could only be done on desktop before. In case you are not aware, Hangouts on Air lets you create webcasts over Google+.


Maps 6.10


About the New Google Maps 6.10, the first thing you'll notice after you install the update is that it has a new icon, which for some reason does not show up on the Play Store page on either the phone or the web site.


This update also brings changes to the Transit feature and now you can choose a particular type of transportation system and only show transit lines for that system. There is also an updated layout for station pages.


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