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Google could be bringing an iPhone highlight to its Pixel 6

3 May, 2021 Google

Google could be bringing an iPhone highlight to its Pixel 6


One of the new equipment includes that we can likely hope to find in future smartphones would presumably be super wideband. This element previously showed up in Apple's iPhones before it was at last embraced by Samsung, and now a tweet by XDA's Mishaal Rahman claims that Google's Pixel 6 could receive it too.


As per Rahman's tweet, he has discovered that Google is obviously trying help for Android 12's UWB API on a gadget codenamed "Raven", which has been guessed to be the codename for the cutting edge Pixel phone (the Pixel 6, not the Pixel 5a 5G). Very little is thought about the element on the Pixel 6 for the time being and what Google intends to utilize it for, yet a few purposes would come to care.


It is conceivable that actually like what Apple and Samsung have done, Google could likewise be keen on making their own following extra. Given that Google has a firmly coordinated biological system similar to that of Apple, it would really bode well. Then again, they could likewise use the UWB innovation for comparable highlights like blending phones with Google Home or Nest gadgets just by bringing the phone near the article, similar to how the iPhone can combine with the HomePod scaled down similarly.


It will be fascinating to check whether Google will actually want to utilize the innovation in new and novel manners separated from the more self-evident, yet in the event that it is a component intended for the Pixel 6, we'll presumably need to stand by until some other time in the year to discover more.


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