Google hybrid tablet Patent, Hints for future Merging of Android and Chrome OS

14 July, 2012 Google

Android Chrome Os

A patent filed for in 2010 and recently granted to Google suggests one hardware concept they might be considering to pull it off. The patent covers numerous ways to design a hybrid tablet and notebook that would feature a touch-sensitive virtual keyboard and touchpad on a second screen.


google tab


The device could shift between tablet and notebook mode easily. This Google device may also the first to be merging Chrome OS with Android. Here is Google Official Patent Statement:


"The computing device could also be configured to operate based on one or more platforms (e.g., one or more similar or different platforms) that could include one or more types of hardware, software, firmware, operating systems and runtime libraries."


Google TAb

What other two operating systems do you think Google would want to put on a device? For over two years now Google has been working on hybrid hardware that can also run hybrid software, allowing the same machine to run different firmware operating systems.





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