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Google is obviously anticipating making new pair of smart glasses

31 December, 2021 Wearables


It has been quite a long while since Google suspended its Google Glass project. While it was really smart on paper, the issue is that possibly it may have been all in all too relatively radical, where maybe the overall population wasn't exactly prepared for the tech presently. Quick forward to the present time, increased the truth is turning out to be more standard.


We're seeing games like Pokemon GO utilize the tech to extraordinary impact, so it doesn't come as a total amazement to discover that Google could be clearly hoping to restore its AR endeavors. This comes from a report from the New York Times where they guarantee that Google is "sustaining another task" that could at last bring about the organization in the long run sending off a couple of smart glasses.


Google is obviously anticipating making new pair of smart glasses


This additionally comes on Google's securing of North back in 2020, who for those new had likewise evolved smart glasses of their own. The circumstance is very intriguing on the grounds that word on the road has it that Apple is clearly hoping to send off their own pair of smart glasses alongside blended reality headsets, so it's not shocking that Google will not be pausing for a minute and failing to address it.


That being said, while AR is turning out to be more ordinary, the jury is as yet out on whether smart glasses have the stuff to become standard, however what is your take? Do you think society is prepared for smart glasses?


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