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Google's Pixel Tablet might actually supplant the Nest Hub

6 June, 2022 Google

Google's Pixel Tablet might actually supplant the Nest Hub


At Google I/O last month, the organization affirmed that another Pixel Tablet is underway. It won't show up at any point in the near future as Google had expressed that it will just come in 2023, yet it appears to be that Google's arrangements for the gadget could be something other than a tablet. It might actually supplant the Nest Hub.


For those new, the Nest Hub is a shrewd presentation by Google. It offers up a similar usefulness you would anticipate from brilliant speakers, with the principal contrast being that it has a showcase so you can transfer video from video doorbells from it, surveillance cameras, etc.


As indicated by a report from 9to5Google, they have found inside Android's code a reference to the "Google Dock". This implies that Google could make some sort of dock extra for the tablet that will permit it to work as a shrewd presentation notwithstanding it being a tablet.


The report focuses to some proof of that being valid, for example, the mystery pictures of the tablet that flaunted pogo connectors on the back that could permit it to attach to a docking gadget or the like. In a manner it's entirely a smart execution. There's no rejecting that the tablet space is to a great extent overwhelmed by Apple's iPad, yet by giving the Pixel Tablet a method for working as something other than a tablet could make it very convincing.


One way or the other, with a send off scheduled for 2023, it seems as though we'll need to stand by a lot before additional subtleties are uncovered.


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