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Google's next Pixel smartphone could come more sooner than we might suspect

30 October, 2020 Google

Google's next Pixel smartphone


Google's Pixel procedure this year appeared to be somewhat abnormal. While there's nothing amiss with the phones, it appeared to be somewhat odd that Google decided not to outfit any of them with leader chipsets from Qualcomm. All things considered, they were dispatched with mid-range equipment where Google gave off an impression of being zeroing in more on cost and 5G as opposed to execution.


This isn't really an awful thing as it made the Pixel phones somewhat more open, yet in the event that you were anticipating a top of the line Pixel handset, you may need to stand by until 2021, however the stand by won't be excessively long.


This is on the grounds that as indicated by a tweet by Max Weinbach, he has gotten with a few sources that obviously Google may be dispatching another Pixel phone in March 2021, and that this will be a "valid" leader Pixel gadget.


Apparently this handset will utilize a better quality Qualcomm chipset, however we don't know whether Google will decide to outfit it with the Snapdragon 865 or 865+, or in the event that they may utilize the fresher Snapdragon 875 that is required to control the main part of 2021's lead phones.


That being stated, Weinbach takes note of that these are unconfirmed gossipy tidbits and he has communicated some suspicion about their cases, so it's most likely best to think about it while taking other factors into consideration for the present until more sources can either check or expose these cases.


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