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Google starts adding better association highlights to the Messages application

30 June, 2021 App Updates


There's a motivation behind why we as a whole love to utilize the Google Messages application, and it's something beyond in light of the fact that it's the solitary SMS application that Google hasn't discarded at this point. The organization has been taking extraordinary steps to carry new and energizing highlights to Messages. Today, Google reported significantly more highlights that are going to the Messages application.


Google starts adding better association highlights to the Messages application


By means of the Google India Blog, the organization declared that your gadget will start utilizing AI to consequently sort the SMS and MMS messages that come through. You'll probably have a part at the top for Personal and exchanges, alongside another for those one-time passwords. However, with one tap, you can switch between message types effortlessly.


Talking about those one-time passwords (OTPs), Messages will currently start consequently erasing those messages, 24 hours after they show up. On the off chance that you're utilizing two-factor confirmation (which you ought to be), you can see that it is so disappointing to have the Messages application jumbled with these. A brief will seem while choosing the OTPs tag at the highest point of the application, inquiring as to whether you need to have OTPs naturally erased.


OTPs naturally erased


Google is additionally making it conceivable to kill both the arranged messages and OTP erasure highlights. Regardless of whether you empower them from the start, you'll simply have to bounce into the Google Messages application to turn them off.


The solitary catch with this update is that it presently is just accessible for those utilizing Google Messages in India. Who knows precisely when these two association highlights may come to different business sectors, however we're trusting that it shows up as soon as possible.


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