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Great Casual Games for Android

26 May, 2016 Android

Let's face it, when you're playing mobile games going from A to B, you don't want anything too serious. Casual games might once have been seen as lesser than triple A titles but they have their own place on your Android device. With millions of games on the Play Store, here are the ones that we love to pick up and play in seconds.

Zynga Poker

Have a passion for casino games and want to play them for free? This social casino app will integrate seamlessly into your Facebook profile, which you can use to tempt your friends to play too. This will give you free in app currency to play with, though you won't win real cash from it. It's one of the biggest social casino communities too, as you can sit at the table and chat with your fellow players. Zynga have all sorts of apps that will give you hours of entertainment and most of them are free too.

If you'd prefer to play real mobile poker games for cash then check out the impartial reviews on They'll steer you in the right direction of where to play and what bonuses you can expect for doing so. This is an easy way to find your new favourite real cash poker app, while playing online safely too.

Alto's Adventure

If you loved Temple Run then download this game from the Play Store right now, as it has the same UI with even more features. Instead of escaping evil creatures from the temple, you'll be snowboarding down the mountain, attempting to beat an avalanche to the bottom.

Playing beautifully on just about every Android device and offering a new twist on reflex testing action, Alto's Adventure is the perfect pick up and play game. The art style of the game is yet another plus point, as it has a Mayan vibe - think The Emperor's New Groove. Connect with friends to compare high scores and beat each other to the bottom of the mountain before you know it.

Geometry Dash Meltdown

This rhythm based game will have you tapping your fingers and feet in unison when you play it. It looks kind of like Super Mario for the NES but the interface is totally different. Expect bright colours and jazzy tunes to keep you scrolling through each level in style. The geometric shapes and level based gameplay makes this game a one of a kind creation, which looks best on HD screens.

The aim of the game is to get from one side of the level to the other, without getting trapped in any of the pitfalls on the way. It's one of those games that can be played in an instant but can take a lifetime to master properly and complete. On the lower levels the soundtrack is slow and almost melodic but as the levels heat up, so do the effects. Eventually, it becomes a fast paced game that might just have you throwing your phone out the window in frustration.

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