HMD could be working on a new Lumia-inspired smartphone

29 June, 2024 Nokia

HMD could be working on a new Lumia-inspired smartphone


Following Microsoft ditching the Nokia brand, it was later picked up by HMD who started to churn out Nokia-branded smartphones for a few years. Earlier this year, HMD announced that they would start producing smartphones under its own brand, but it seems that they won't be so quick to ditch the Nokia Lumia design just yet.


According to the latest reports, it seems that HMD is working on a new smartphone that will apparently be called the HMD Skyline G2. This handset is said to take some design inspiration from the Nokia Lumia series, which is interesting. The Nokia Lumia lineup, while a bit of a failure, was kind of iconic.


In a sea of smartphones with somewhat dull and somber colors, the Lumia series stood out with its bright and colorful designs. Adding more information to this leak is @smashx_60 on X. They claim that the handset will feature a triple camera setup with some serious hardware. Apparently HMD wants this phone to appeal to photographers.


Not much else was revealed about the Skyline G2. One thing to note is that this is actually the second Skyline phone by HMD that we're hearing about. We're not sure if they will be released separately, or if one model will be the designated flagship and the other a more budget-friendly handset. Either way, hopefully we'll have that information soon enough.


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