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HTC One M8 Prime 360-degree Photo Leaked, Shows Duo Camera [Photo]

21 May, 2014 HTC One M9

M8 Prime


An alleged 360-degree photo of the HTC One M8 Prime leaked by @evleaks. The photos is yet to be confirmed, no comments pr news from HTC so far. If these photo are true, the M8 Prime will be pack the same duo camera as the current M8 with a light improvements according to the rumors.


M8 Prime

The raised camera bump in the back does seem a bit conspicuous, especially since it is highlighted by a bright, almost neon-orange ring of paint, and seems like an odd design choice.





It can't be a purely aesthetic decision on HTC's part, and probably means that the HTC One M8 Prime's camera sensor is larger than the 4MP unit currently offered on the One M8's duo-camera. Again, at this point, it is all speculation, but it does seem likely that HTC would improve upon the One M8 Prime's camera, as consumers and reviewers alike have criticized the duo unit.

We already got the full Specs list of the M8 Prime that was leaked yesterday.



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