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HTC One M8 Sales in the US still Strong, even with Galaxy S5 Launch

30 April, 2014 HTC One M9

HTC One M8


Jason Mackenzie, HTC America president, said to CNET today that sales of the new HTC One M8 smartphone were still going strong in the third and fourth weeks of availability, following the handset's initial March,25th release. Of course, Mackenzie only talks about activations in the US, so at the moment we can't tell if the One M8 is as successful in other markets.

We also don't know exactly how many One M8 units were sold until now. However, Jason Mackenzie said that these last weeks outperformed almost every week of the sales of the HTC One M7 (2013), except for a couple of weeks when US carriers offered back-to-school deals.

So it looks like the arrival of Samsung Galaxy S5 (launched in the US on April,11th) didn't affect demand for the One M8. This, however, doesn't mean that much if Samsung's handsets continue to outsell HTC's devices like it happened last year.




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