Hangouts Updated with Custom Ringtones and Notification Sounds [Download]

5 June, 2014 App Updates



Today, Google has pushed an update to the Android version of the Hangouts messenger, which brings the latter almost on par with the likes of Viber and WhatsApp... well, at least in the custom ringtone department.


If the default call ringtone and message notification sounds of Hangouts are not exactly your cup of tea, then perhaps you'll be happy to know that version 2.1.223 of the messaging app allows you to select the exact tunes that will notify you for an event.




You can do this for each one of your conversations, allowing you to easily differentiate exactly which one of your pals is texting you, for example. The option is just where one would expect it to be, in the People & Options menu for each Hangouts conversation.


Hangouts App


Download Hangouts 2.1.223 [Play]



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