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How 5G Will Change the Gambling Industry

31 August, 2020 Gaming



After months of promises and rumors, 5G is finally here with us! It is already available in big cities in Europe and the US, and more countries are expected to take advantage of the next-gen technology in the coming months. Actually, the world 5G market is expected to hit $49.41 by the end of 2021.

Experts say the technology can revolutionize the way human beings interact with both the virtual and physical worlds. Gaming is one of the main areas cited by manufacturers that is going to be changed considerably by 5G. But what exactly is the 5G network, and what does it mean for the gambling industry? 

5G in short

Specific estimations of to what extent technology will change ranges from 'fast' to 'super-fast internet.' Starting with what most reliable technology sites hype, we can expect speeds of between 300 to 1000Mbs per second in the initial stages, but some tests show speeds of up to around 25GB per second in specific locations.

This about 200 times faster than the average speeds of a 4G network! 

Now, chances are you already know how disappointing a slow internet speed can be, but be as it may people are still streaming videos and playing games online on the 'slow' 4G Internet. So, what is the catch with 5G?

Any online gambler knows that the problem is not only about speed, but also about stability and latency. What makes 5G really different is minimized latency.

Low latency and great stability will result from using short-range frequencies and advancements with both hardware and software. What's more, expansion of the technology will make sure that both rural locations and densely populated areas see fast, yet stable connections.

The latency is expected to be less than 5ms, which is ten times better than that of a 4G connection. This eliminates network latency almost wholly and is the main reason some people can afford to dream of remote surgeries, smart cities, and automated vehicles. For gaming, AR, interactive streaming, and cloud computing are good examples.

5G and the gambling industry?

According to Newzoo, the global gaming industry will generate $159.3 billion by the end of 2020. Clearly, this estimate considered the launch of the 5G revolution, given that it will allow games in both Casinos and sites to be played quickly and faster than before. 

Similarly, according to the UK's 2019 gambling commission figures, in general, gambling revenue reduced by 0.4 percent from 2018, but online gambling revenue increased by 2.9 percent. This essentially means that there are people who are yearning for the 5G connection, but why?

  • Cloud Gaming will be faster. 

Faster cloud computing will allow players to play even heavy games through reliable sites like Betiton, the Online Casino in New Zealand on any device without latency problems. Also, you will be able to stream games flawlessly to a tablet or smartphone. 

In return, this is expected to considerably reduce demand for physical slots because players will get high quality and flexible gaming experiences directly from the cloud. This is the main reason why gambling slot developers are now heavily investing in streaming services.

  • Virtual Reality

5G will also allow for more use of virtual reality in casino games. If you have gambled before on your phone, you know how frustrating it can be when it goes off because of a low battery; however, with 5G, that will be history, as it promises to burn considerably less power.

  • Live Casino Games in Real-Time

While playing online games works reasonably well on most devices, if you want to play a live game in real-time, there are a few issues that might restrict you. 

For instance, a poor internet connection will adversely affect your play and make you lose anything you have won. Also, players must fulfill particular technical requirements to be able to play a live game.

Nonetheless, 5G takes care of all that. One main benefit is that sites will load ten times faster, as it offers speeds of up to 10 gigabytes per second. This means flawless gambling on any device from anywhere in the world.

  • In-stadium betting

5G will also sharply change the sports betting area as it will allow players to bet while attending sporting events. As mentioned earlier, poor connectivity problems hurt gamblers' desire to play while attending events, but with the enhanced bandwidth, 5G would be the game-changer.

From now on

Although it is still early to make specific conclusions on how the 5G network will affect the gaming industry, it is clear that it will come with lots of goodies for the gambling industry. Tons will be discovered as more states and countries implement and test the next-gen technology. 

Yes, information on the network is still scanty, but you cannot ignore the fact that it holds thousands of incredible opportunities for the gaming sector.



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