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How Can You Safely Send Money From Your Phone To Africa

23 December, 2020 Web Tech

How Can You Safely Send Money From Your Phone To Africa


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Sending international money transfers can be complex in itself as you will need to have much more information than is required for a simple transfer within your home country. Moreover, different countries have different rules and relegations and thus you need to ensure that you abide by those. When it comes to receiving or sending money abroad, one area which can cause a lot of confusion and complications is Africa.


Unfortunately, Africa is susceptible to a wealth of money laundering scams and problems. Therefore, the need to process your transfer via a secure and trusted company is something which simply cannot be underestimated. You need to seek an African money transfer business which is credible, safe and abides by all of the anti-money laundering laws.


When seeking a secure method of transfer, you need to ensure that the company in question trains its entire staff and that they can spot any transaction which looks potentially suspicious. They will know all of the dynamics of money laundering and how to combat it, as well as the proper procedure when an anomalous transaction appears. When seeking a business to send money to Africa via, you should have a look on their website and there should be a strong stance of methods against terrorist financing and scams. This is pivotal and it needs to be genuine. You may even want to consider sending money via a cryptocurrency exchange, rather than sending dollars via a bank. If you have cryptocurrency, the best ripple exchange will be able to help with this.


When considering a money transfer business' worth, there are a few telling signs to look out for. You need to ensure that they have accreditation and that they are thus trustworthy. Furthermore, it is highly inadvisable to go for a company that has just started up. Going for a company which has many years in the industry is essential because they have the experience to deal with any issue which comes their way. Moreover, a successful business is one which has longevity. You do not want to put your money in the hands of a company which is finding its feet and thus has no way of showing that they are trustable.


It is also worth doing a little bit of research in order to determine the daily limits set for the country that you wish to send your money to. After all, a lot of countries have legal daily limits set and thus if you exceed the amount given your transfer will be declined. Moreover, if you persist with trying to send the money then you may be deemed to be attempting to make a suspicious transfer yourself.


When attempting to send money to Africa it should not be as simple as merely entering your details online and the amount you wish to send. If this is the case, then alarm bells should start ringing in your mind. You should have to fill out a form and provide identification documents as well. Moreover, you need to make sure that you receive a thorough receipt of the transaction so that you have proof that it was sent. If can often be tempting to seek the most convenient option when transferring money. After all, we live in a day and age whereby time is of the essence. However, the importance of a thorough procedure when sending money to Africa is something which simply cannot be downplayed or underestimated.


All in all, if you wish to send money to Africa then you need to find a secure, trusted, experienced and safe money transfer business which can tend to your needs. After all, you want your money to get there intact.


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