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How Mobile Apps Have Enhanced Gaming

8 October, 2020 Web Tech

How Mobile Apps Have Enhanced Gaming


The explosion of online gaming has grown exponentially since a Statista study in 2017 showed that 28% of people were using their smartphones for gaming. As of 2019, the European online gaming market was estimated at $22 billion. The worldwide online gaming market was valued at $53 billion in the same period. It is expected to grow by 11.5% each year until 2027. Mobile apps have played a big role in this sharp growth and have significantly changed the gaming industry.


Smartphone Penetration

Smartphone ownership was estimated at over 3 billion in 2020, and the number is still growing. At a conservative estimation of 28%, the number of people gaming on their smartphones would be 840 million.


This has gone hand in hand with deeper internet penetration. Mobile internet traffic overtook desktop traffic back in 2016. Mobile internet has come with huge advantages in convenience and ease of use for many would-be gamers, encouraging them to online gaming.


Touch screen technology is more friendly for many people than using the mouse and keyboard. Many people who find difficulty placing bets on laptops and desktops find it easier to tap and swipe. Mobile gaming apps are designed to be responsive to different screens. They can adapt to any screen size.


Lower Entry Barrier

Placing a bet today is very different from what anyone attempting to place a bet used 10 or so years ago. Sports bettors had to go to casinos or bookmaker shops to place a bet. But placing a bet on your favourite team is just a matter of a few taps these days. This simplicity has made gaming enjoyable as it should be.


Many people were also interested in gaming but shied away from the idea of walking into a casino, for image purposes. With a mobile app, you can place a bet discreetly without dreading the frowning looks from your peers. The secret thrill of placing a bet now and then without being judged has encouraged many people to enjoy online gaming.


Convenient Gaming

It is so easy to access games and apps, like with casinos and sportsbooks, access them with ease using their mobile betting apps 2020. Online gaming platform developers have deliberately made it easy and convenient to game on mobile apps as the competition heats up.


This convenience enables you to place a bet while watching the game develop, at your favourite pub. You can also place a quick bet when an opportunity arises. For example, you read an interesting match analysis while reading the paper on the bus. This is much more convenient than running to your bookmaker or joining the waiting line on the phone even as the odds drop.


Mobile gaming gives you more screen time. You can play fantasy football and other virtual games when the gaming season is off. This is also convenient for passing time on slow action game days such as Tuesdays and Wednesdays.


Better Incentives

Many mobile gaming applications will allow you to enjoy free play. Online casinos rely on pulling in gamers with soft incentives. You can play almost all the traditional casino games for free.


Many online gaming platforms offer incentives for using their mobile applications. Many gamers start out playing the easy free slot games while they develop the confidence to place real money bets. Some online gaming platforms will allow opening demo accounts for placing bets. This is very good for anyone trying to build up their skills in-game analysis.


Playing With One Account

Traditionally, a gamer would have to place different amounts with the bookmaker to place bets in different games. Mobile gaming applications have changed money management strategies for gamers. You access all the games in one account. The cash in that account is consolidated such that you can see how thinly spread you are with a single glance.


You don't have to cash out your winnings every time, but you can leave them to build up the account. You can also place other bets using the winnings. This keeps your transaction costs low, especially if you are an active gamer with small bets.


Play Anywhere

Gaming is truly mobile nowadays. You can place your bets from any place in the world as long as you are connected to the internet. There is WiFi pretty much anywhere you go these days, and in its absence, you can buy data bundles.


Online mobile gaming is the future of gaming. It has changed the way gamers access and play their favourite games and sportsbooks. With more powerful smartphones and faster internet, gaming can only get more interesting and attract millions of more fans.


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